Thursday, February 14, 2008

i *heart*....

scanning entries from my former blog, i found out that i traditionally have a blog entry during these days: my blog's anniversary, christmas, my birthday and valentines' day.

since i don't have much to share during these times (romantic relationships-wise), lemme share you some of my loves:

i *heart*

1. shoes. when i started earning my own keep, i realized my inner carrie bradshaw. i loove shoe shopping (thankfully, a few stores carry my shoe size). i have this habit of looking at people's shoes. my comments to people are usually, "ang ganda ng sapatos mo!". i'm not a compulsive buyers--otherwise, i might turn into an imelda marcos!

2. psychedelic shades. i love eyewear, especially shades. i especially love them when they come in colors other than black or brown--i have them in blue, yellow and pink, and i plan to buy them in green. or in any shade that is not really normal.

3. vietnamese food. that's why i miss palawan sooo much. imagine getting a chao long (noodle stew) for less than PhP100. or that super delish coffee shake? or that french bread? sheesh...put me in a plane to palawan!

4. reading and writing. if i only got the time and the real talent like the people in my blog links, it'll be great. and if i can only get the time and the money to really invest in books, i'll be one happy clam.

5. lazing around the house. may it be sleeping, watching television, texting or just reading, i am at my element with lying on my back, flipping through channels or pages, exercising my thumbs or just snoozing. i am a homebody, a couch potato and damned proud of it! these days, i rarely get to do that, though...

6. breaking a sweat. i know, #3 and this one are contradiction of terms. but doing aerodance, or yoga (or recently, jogging around ultra) gives me that adrenaline high and that light feeling. and my clothes show it. yee-haw!

7. my family. even if we usually disagree on several things (i am fiercely independent, they want me to check in every now and then, for instance), but i'll do anything for them. as in!

8. getting something done. and not giving up. may it be a gradschool paper, a press release for work or a challenging puzzle, that sense of achievement can't be beat.

9. surprising people. i have this wicked sense of surprising people with something i know or something i can do. especially if it shows how strong, smart and fiercely independent i can be. magbuhat ng tubig sa dispenser? kayang kaya!

10. you reading my entry. and telling me what you *heart* what'cha waiting for? tell me what you love!

happy valentines' day everyone--with or without a special someone. you get what i mean.

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