Friday, April 27, 2007

moving in

with my resident computer buddy mokong, let me welcome you to the my new blog. things are hopefully reloaded, more caffeine-powered (hopefully not too much to induce palpitations) and more into my thoughts. am still getting used to the new features (for one, i can post photos from my computer without a remote host, so that means more pictures for my blog. yehey!) and the need for more time, so the links and the other stuff from the old blog will be in place a little later. blog, new life!


noreen said...

alam mo bang isa ang mokong sa pinagpilian kong pangalan ng laptop ko :)

oi, blogger ka na rin! ako din! i love blogger now. dahil din sa pag post ng pic from PC hehehehe

noreen said...

about dun sa tag board: di ko sure masyado kung paano... punta ka sa tagboard ko tapos click mo iyong GET CBOX or something tapos follow the instructions na lang :)

Bonn Juego said...

Welcome! You're in blogger na rin.... ;)