Tuesday, June 5, 2007

food trip

let me tell you something about my family: like any Pinoy family out there, we love food. our family gatherings are non-existent without it. let's just say that every time, in both sides of the gene pool, there is food to go around.
case in point: christmas 2006, spent in my mother's side of the family in makati.

(from above: fried fish, nilagang baka, kaldereta, buttered shrimp. i forgot to take pictures of the dessert and the beverages).

let's just say nobody went home hungry after that.

now let me turn you over to the new year's celebration, this time on my father's side of the gene pool, at white plains.

(hmm...let me see. there's lasagna, pansit, humba, litson, chicken pastel...on the other table was soups and desserts).

again, everyone went home satisfied.

this shows two things: i'm either too preoccupied of taking a lot of food pictures, or my family just loves to eat.

(pardon this post. i'm just too happy to post pictures in my blog. tee-hee!)

next post: caffeinejunkie the traveller.

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