Wednesday, August 1, 2007

current status

who would believe that tado can actually summarize a part of what i really feel for the past few weeks? and he did that in a show different from where you will get those words of wisdom?

during an interview for the mtv vj hunt, he asked the quotation below to be translated by a fil-foreign aspirant:

"pinipili ko na lang na maging masaya dahil mahirap ipaliwanag kung bakit ako malungkot"

my addition: "pero dahil pagod na kong maging masaya, nagiging malungkot na lang ako kahit mahirap ipaliwanag".


for the past few days, i roller-coaster from being awfully happy and makulit to being the quiet and sad. there was one week that i refuse to talk in the office (except when spoken to), which actually had officemates wondering what's wrong.

maybe i'm too pissed off with being too much of a doormat. maybe i'm pissed off with too much unnecessary stuff to bother you at work and in school (heck, even at home!). maybe all i want to do is make somebody or something pay for how bad i feel.

in the words of charlie brown, aaauuughhhh!

i apologize for the nonsensical, effing post. just got to get thing out of my system.


noreen said...

hi, johan.

what you're going through is normal. we all go through that :)

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