Wednesday, August 29, 2007

another ranting post

warning: if you're not in the mood for another ranting post, i suggest you skip this entry. go to another website. close the browser window altogether. if you're still with me, you have been warned.

tomorrow is supposed to be the press conference where the second quarter economic growth numbers will be announced, at the same place that it is supposed to be announced. it has been the practice as long as i can remember.

so i lazed around the day having finished what i usually do when this day comes--send out media advisory to all our contacts from the media (now you kinda have an idea what my job description really is), arrange for the ride to the venue, remind the staff about the statement we will be releasing and stuff.

imagine my shock when i got the call from our director (the direct superior is on official travel, and left me in charge of the said presscon) telling us that the said presscon has been moved to another venue. and to a venue that there is a major need for accreditations, security checks and stuff--all because the power-that-be wants to be in on the action?!?

thus, i rush to send out a correction on the advisory, got in touch with several people to let our media contacts in the venue, among other things.

now am still at the office waiting for more calls. and praying that everything will be all right.

lest we risk the major tongue-lashing of the said power-that-be.

this is the life of a government slave.


noreen said...

hay naku i feel for you. alam ko ang ganyang changes. at ang epekto nito sa lahat ng preparations na nagawa mo na.

so how did the presscon go? musta si gloria? hehe

caffeinejunkie said...

miss noreen, ayun, okay naman. masaya ang lola gloria--mataas ang economic growth numbers e. fastest growth in 20 years. kaya lang, kung nakita mo sa news, mej tinitira sya kasi di nararamdaman ng tao.

pero the numbers does not lie--humahataw kasi ang OFW remittances, at dahil dun, marami ang nagagastos at gumagastos. boom din ang real estate at construction ng mga bahay. hataw din ang mga call centers...wait, tama na, nosebleed na to!

ang problema lang talaga e yung mga numbers na yun, di nagtratranslate sa mga projects at benefits para sa tao. sana mangyari yun sa lalong madaling panahon.