Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i should be...

...doing my literature review. as i told vani during one of our email conversations, i'm now enrolled in a research course in graduate school, thus the thesis proposal. while i don't need a thesis to get my degree (but i gotta get the comprehensive exams though), i'm encouraged/pushed by the professor to do well in the said proposal. major pressure--since i haven't even started something, and i need to submit it by saturday.

...reading for the said literature review. i still have three more journals to read. three days to go. panic mode starting to set in. and i have a dinner thing with gradschool buds thursday night. ayush sa procastination!

...on the phone to follow up on a press release. it is close to lunchtime, so i bet there's no one to answer on the other line. will do that by 1pm.

...drinking my anti-allergy medicine and avoiding dust. my ultra-sensitive skin strikes again. last sunday, my skin broke out into rashes that really itched. Mama said it might be the bagoong she added in the ginataang langka during sunday lunch. Papa supposed it might be the dust. the derma said its dust mites--those tiny creepy crawlies that thrive during these times. so apart from the thousand-peso bill for consultations and lotions/soaps, i'm forbidden to use anything scented (read: powder, lotion, perfume, etc), avoid dust and malansa food, and use the recommended soap/lotion. and i gotta be back to the derma next week. (mae, will you forgive me if i miss your graduation fashion show?)

...answering my uncle's email. damned philippine airlines! how can you mess up mabuhay miles credits?!

but instead, i'm...

...blogging. what can i do? this may help me get my mojo.

...thinking of taking a nap. reading + thick journals (made worse by bad lighting. Lord knows i need to get a better night light for reading in the dark) = late nights. late nights + showing up early for work = lack of sleep. but i can't. i mustn't. help!

wish me luck!


noreen said...

hay naku, raket ang pumunta sa derma, IMHO. lalo na kung pipilitin ka nila bumili ng products (cream, sabon, etc) na sila na rin ang gumawa.

neweys, sana nakuha mo na uli iyong groove mo to work and write :)

m said...

dude, labshu, u went to my show.
so, humapo na ba ang kabisihan ng grad school? dude, baka u and ur fam drops by market market this month... our clothes are exhibited at the 5th floor of the dep't store, fabric section... super girly warm MWA!